Is it possible to use RTXGI UE4 Plugin in Linux?

Since the RTXGI UE Plugin require the Windows 10 64-bit operating system, but I want to package a game in UE with RTXGI UE Plugin, and run it in Ubuntu, is there any way to make it? I only have two servers(Ubuntu/Windows Server 2019),none of them support RTXGI UE Plugin now.

Hello @hitwxj and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I am sorry I have to disappoint you, but that will not work. You might get around the Windows 10 requirement, but it has to be a 64bit Windows based operating system. Because the other dependency of DirectX Raytracing API, which is a Microsoft Windows API, is essential. You will need DirectX 12 as well to make this work. And so far DX12 does not run on Linux operating systems.

I hope this answers your question.


Thanks for ur reply. BTW, I can see the windows 2019 server operating system support DirectX API, can I use RTXGI UE4 Plugin in windows 2019 server?

In case you manage to install DirectX 12 including the DircetX Raytracing 1.0 API, then it is possible, but not guaranteed.
The only officially supported environment is the one mentioned on the product page, which is Windows 10 64bit.

ok, thanks!

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