Is Mellanox ConnectX-4 compatible with VPP 18.07?


I have built VPP 18.07 according to the instructions from this page: How to Build VPP FD.IO Development Environment with Mellanox DPDK PMD for ConnectX-4 and ConnectX-5

VPP recognizes Mellanox ports, but it hangs after “up” command applied to one of those ports.

VPP log (/var/log/vpp/vpp.log) shows no errors.

Is VPP 18.07 compatible with ConnectX-4?

Thank you.

Hi Garegin,

Many thanks for reaching out to the Mellanox Community.

As the ConnectX-4 is using the same mlx5 PMD driver as the ConnectX-5, the ConnectX-4 is supported for using with VPP.

For VPP support, please refer to the VPP Mailings list.

Many thanks.

~Mellanox Technical Support

The link above on how to build VPP with Mellanox DPDK PMD doesn’t work anymore. I am actually having an issue with ConnectX-6 NIC card. Are there any new instructions for this?