Is Nvidia GPU card and driver a must for host-machine?

Dear all friends,

according to, GPU is required only for running the sample applications on the host machine. But in NVIDIA DRIVE AGX System Installation with NVIDIA SDK Manager.pdf, it is included in the requirements.

I have used a non-nvidia-card laptop as the host-pc before. However I can´t find nvidia cuda toolkit on agx after flashing. I don´t think it has been correctly installed. Is it the problem of flashing pc(host) or not?


Dear extern.dengyue.zhou,

Yes, NVIDIA graphics card is essential to cross-compile and running the sample applications also.
Installation process for DRIVE AGX and DRIVE PX 2
System requirements for the development workstation
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS x86_64
X11 enabled on the host system
Memory: 8GB of RAM
Hard disk: 120 GB of free disk space for the complete host and target deployed SDK version.
Graphics card: NVIDIA Pascal (or newer) GPU (required only for running the sample applications on the host machine).
A working Internet connection.
If you plan to run your sample applications on your development workstation, please ensure your system includes an NVIDIA Pascal based (or newer) GPU and that the latest NVIDIA GPU graphics driver is installed.