Is particle b404 SoM supported?

can it be used in wifi M.2 slot?
will it work?

Although the device uses an M.2 E key format, the pin assignments aren’t standard. In fact, I think if you plugged this into the standard M.2 E key slot on an NX you’d fry the NX.

From the particle docs B Series B404/B402 datasheet | Datasheets | Particle

From the particle docs From the NX Carrier Board Specification

The odd and even pins are swapped left-to-right between the two diagrams but you can see that the pin numbers have different assignments. I also noticed in the Particle docs that VCC is expected to be between 3.6V to 4.2V DC and VUSB between 4.35V to 5.5V DC.

Too bad. Looks like a neat device. I use the Particle Photons for a bunch of little things.

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do you think we could use Boron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm) Starter Kit with EtherSIM – Particle Retail ?

That device has plenty of I/O options and also includes bluetooth so you could even use the BT/WIFI card that comes with the NX devkit to communicate with it. All of the I/O pins are 3.3v so that makes it easily compatible with the 40 pin header so you could do UART, I2C or SPI if you needed a hard wired connection.

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thank you for following up!
the complication seems that it requires android/iOS with particle app
at least it is how their tutorial explains it for cloud connection use case

so how exactly could we get it communicate with jetson directly is not covered by the documentation/ quickstart tutorial

I’m not quite sure what your use case is but the Boron supports Bluetooth LE mode so I’d think you can set up a Bluetooth connection between the Boron and the Jetson that basically provides a serial connection to both devices. I’m not an expert in this area but I think that’s the whole point of Bluetooth LE. The Boron spec says it can support up to 2 Mbits/sec. The Photons I have don’t support Bluetooth so I have no way to test it.

The Android/iOS app is only needed to commission the device initially or to manage it remotely. Once the device is in service, you don’t need the app for anything other than monitoring. I’m trying to remember bit I think you don’t even need it for commissioning if you have it connected via USB. I’ll have to check.

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