Is there a version of Jetpack for Xavier that comes with ubuntu 16.04? (Solved)

I am trying to install some libraries such as libflann1.8, libvtk5.10-qt4, and qt-sdk in ubuntu 18.04, but unable to through apt-get. Building these from source is a complicated process and I would like to avoid it. Does anyone have a solution for this, or a way to install ubuntu 16.04 on my jetson xavier?

JetPack 4.0 supports Ubuntu 18.04 on the device and Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 on the host PC.

The Qt packages are still there, they have been renamed from ‘qt-sdk’ to ‘qt4-default’ and ‘qt5-default’ for Qt4 and Qt5 SDKs, respectively.

Packages for libflann1.9 and libvtk6.3 are provided in the repo.

You can search for packages with ‘apt-cache search’ or through this website.

Thank you Dusty! Found the packages and installed them successfully.