Is there a way that the captured data of decklink card can transfer directly into video memory?

We have a decklink 8k card,and We want to use cuda to process the captured frame. We found there is technoloy called GPUDirect.However after we read the related material and example of decklink about gpudirect.It seem that it should have a shared pinned memory ,then the data transfer is that :decklink card -> shared pinned memory -> video memory. Actually it still consume time for us.So we want to know whether the data transfer can like that :decklink card ->video memory. there exits other two gpuDirect methods :P2P and GPUdirect RDMA.We read a lot about them ,but still does’t make sense how to do it.

So we want to ask is it possible that the decklink card can transfer the data directly to the video memory of nvdia card using P2P or GPUdirect RDMA? If it is possible ,can somebody give us some tips or tutorials .

Thank you
You would have to write a new kernel driver for the decklink making use of it. IDK if any device exists having a driver with Nvidia GPUDirect RDMA support apart from network/infiniband controllers.

thank you for you report.And you mean that the declink card should support the driver with Nvidia GPUDirect RDMA first.And I will search for the materials .Thank you very much.