Is there a way to change the title bar i.e Minimized, Maximize, Close button to the right hand corner?

Hello All,

Coming from a Windows and Mac user i’m used to having these button on the right hand corner. Since JP4.3 is based on Ubtunu 18.04 i assume these should also be the same, but the UI seem to be using Ubuntu 16.04 which is the only version that seem to have these on the right.

I attempt to change it using GnomeTweak but it does’nt seem to work.


I use a temporary solution by upgrading the distro to 20.04. If you want to give it a try follow this guide.

like that you mean?

No i mean the placement of the titlebar buttons that is normally on the right side of every operating system. Only in Ubuntu 16.04 Unity where they decide for put it on the top left.