Is there a way to trigger OFF/ON PCI-e port?

we got starTech Pci-e usb hub;
also we want to use two intel realsense t265 cameras;
due to specific of t265 it requires to be detached from the computer by the moment the computer boots;
After the comp[uter is booted t265 needs to be attached in order to be properly recognized;
While for one t265 tthere would be a solution to trigger off USB-A port; That would allow to reboot remotely the device and get t265 working; With two t265 there is a ned to use some trigger off of PCI-e, then restart; then trigger on the PCi-E slot;
Is it possible?

This thread is for a TX1, and is rather dated, but might be of use:

PCIe hot plug is normally not enabled on Jetsons. In order to save power the default is that if PCIe does not detect anything during boot, then PCIe shuts down (not even the PCIe bridge would show up). I have not set up hot plug, but basically you should be able to enable this and use echo statements to “/sys” to rescan.

I have no idea if the mentioned URL will work, but the concept would be the same even on the Xavier.

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we were able to improve the situation
as for now it is confirmed for one t265 camera
it requires to use compatible with usbctlhub tool usb hub
so using the code
uhubctl -a cycle -l 2 -p 1-4
it is possible to remotely reboot the Jetson, in a way after restart t265 is available
ref. thread

Another proposed by user
@jack-wlj solution from the same github thread was

First, check the USB port information through lsusb -t

(Note: You can plug and unplug the USB you want to control to determine which BUS is which port.)
Here I'm going to operate port 6 under port 1 of BUS 02.

Execute the following command to unbind the USB:
echo '2-1.6' | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/unbind
to rebind the command, just change the unbind in the command above to BIND.
echo '2-1.6' | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/bind