Is there anywhere to report bugs in optix?

Found a small one


is missing the following function (should be around line 100)

inline RT_HOSTDEVICE size_t3 make_size_t3(size_t4 st)
return make_size_t3(st.x, st.y, st.z);

so it’s not possible to call size() on a 3D rtBuffer (on the CUDA side of the code). Returns an error that there is no version of make_size_t3 defined for a size_t4.

I guess that rendering into a 3D buffer isn’t tested much …

Yes there sure is a way. If you check the release notes they always state the process.

Basically you can email with as much detail of your issue as possible. They vary in their response (i.e. whether you get one or not) but often are very appreciative on bug reports and a change like yours will surely be added to their internal todo list.