Isaac Sim live streaming client side hardware spec

Hi everyone:
I found when I use the lsaac Sim’s live streaming function, if I used the desktop computer to control or display my project, it looks good.
But when I changed to other devices like raspberry pie or Jetson Nano, the connection latency become very high.
I thought the connection latency is depend on network speed, but it looks not what I think.
I didn’t found the minimum device spec to work live streaming function on website. Anyone can give me some advice?

Hi @vic-chen there are three live steaming clients Livestream Clients — Omniverse Robotics documentation. Can you provide more info about which one are you using?

Hi @rthaker ,
I have been tried websocket and websocket.h264 but the connection latency still very high. And also I tried webrtc but it didn’t work.

Moving it to General Omniverse category. Doesn’t seem specific Isaac Sim related issue.