Isaac Sim , usd files

Actually, I’m running Isaac sim in EC2 instance AWS, I imported a CAD file “step format” and I saved it as a USD file so when every time I open it I find missing references found. all the parts are disappeared from the scene.
Guys do you know how to fix it ? and thanks.

Hello @abderrahmen.melliti,
When you import a CAD file, you create a set of files, one per part, one per assembly, that are referenced in the main assembly, if you move this file from its location (e.g. copy on another folder / save as in another folder), it will break the local references to the sub-components. You need to either move the entire assembly base directory as a package, or update the reference paths to the former location. Follow the steps in CAD Importer — Omniverse Robotics documentation to obtain a successful import from the CAD importer extension.

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Thank you so much.