Isaac Sim very slow compared to Mujoco or PyBullet (both physics and rendering)

On 2.8GHz CPU and 3090 GPU, simulating the same quadruped robot,

Isaac Sim takes 20x more time for physics or rendering compared to Mujoco or PyBullet.
With 20 quadrupeds, time taken is roughly 10x that of one quadruped for Isaac Sim, while Mujoco time increases linearly. At this rate, there probably needs to be 1000s of robots for Isaac to catch up with the speed of Mujoco.

Is this result expected? Or did we not properly tune/use Isaac?



I’m also curious what would be a good approach to optimize rendering for complex scenes to get real time performances

Any updates regarding this issue?

Hi - Someone from our team will review this and respond back.


Have there been any new updates @rthaker ?

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