ISP Bypass with Argus

What is the status of using Argus with non-bayer cameras? For example the HDMI2CSI board (

Our robot uses two IMX185 sensors normally, but we want to be able to stream simulated images from a Unity environment into an Argus application for disparity mapping, segmentation, etc. I know I can retrieve the data using v4l2src/OpenCV and map it into Argus that way, but I’d like to change as little as possible with the app.

Is there currently any support for passing non-bayer (RGB666, RGB888, YCbCr444, YCbCr 422 24-bit or YCbCr 422 16-bit, etc) from CSI into/through the ISP?


Sorry to tell not support non-bayer camera for nvcamerasrc/argus, the only way is v4l2 framework.