Issue with the x509 certificate verification

I’ve successfully configured the Jetson Nano kit, but I’m facing an issue with x509 certificate verification. I attempted to resolve it using curl commands, but it was unsuccessful. Could you please help me resolve this?


Kindly pull the proper tag wrt your Jetpack version. Please refer to the below link for different tags wrt to Jetpacks.


It looks like you met something as below link.
Please check if the suggestion below helps:


i’m using JetPack 4.4 - [L4T 32.4.3]

Indeed, it is the same issue; I require a CA certificate for the verification process.

@jayasuryard here you might get some hint :

Successfully, done with inserting ca.crt into /etc/docker/certs.d/
but now I’m getting the error as error unmarshalling content: invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value.


Let’s check the unmarshalling content error on the new topic you created:


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