Issues and erros flashing the TX2

Make sure your using ubuntu 18.04 with the new SDK manager. ubuntu 16 Hangs during install with the SDK 1.1.0 with jetpack 4.3
I did not look into the hang ups in detail, I just upgraded.
Ubuntu 20 is not supported by Jetpack 4.3 during the SDK manager install.

During SDK FLash jetson TX2
13:10:01 ERROR : Flash Jetson TX2 : /usr/bin/env: ‘python’
Follow “linuxdev” instructions and install python 2 in host machine.
sudo apt install python-minimal
Then you must restart and reset you TX2 into boot recovery as failed install lock out machine.
Also close and exit your SDK manager. restart it once your machine is back in boot recovery

Thanks to “linuxdev” for the pointer

Hi Jessica.wilson,

So, you have managed to flashed your TX2 successfully, right?
Any further support required? Thanks