issues regarding DP ports config Quadro P5000/Windows10

Hello guys,

I am experiencing an issue which is probably not complicated to solve but i need some help there.

I have an Nvidia P5000 GPU running on Windows 10 for large screen display. Every single DP on the P5000 is outputting a signal which is amplified to the projectors via a Gefen HD Base T transmitter/receiver. The projecteors are the exact same model (1920x1080).

We are projecting simultaneously on 2 curved surfaces (2 projectors per surface) using madmapper to make realtime warping and playing video.

At the startup everything looks fine into madmapper: the videos are playing well and their position looks fine. However, everytime I restart the system, there is a mess with the screens. I have the feeling that Windows doesn’t remember the position of the screens and I have to manually reasign the displays into madmapper to make sure the projection is correct again.

The customer doesn’t want this. The system has to start and play without having the reasign the screens all the time. Is there a problem with Windows or with the GPU?