Issues setting up Jetracer with the latest release image

I burned “” on a micro SD card and loaded the micro SD card on to my Nano 4GB B01.

I then powered up the Nano 4GB by plugging the USB barrel plug adapter into the USB battery pack.

I proceeded to connect my Windows PC to the Jetson Nano 4GB via a micro USB cable.

Opening the Chrome browser on my Windows PC and navigating to resulted in no response from the Nano 4GB whatsoever.

So I shutdown the Nano 4GB, attached a HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse, powered back up and observed the Ubuntu Desktop appear on the monitor.

I also noticed a warning that the OS could not create /home/jetson/.config/nautilus because it did not have write permission.

I then proceeded to use the Desktop Terminal, per the Jetracer installation instructions, to setup a Wifi connection with my home WiFi router.

The OS then proceeded to update itself and perform a reboot twice. After each reboot the OS complained that it could not create /home/jetson/.config/nautilus because it did not have write permission. It appears that the “jetson” directory is not accessible for either OS or program reading or writing.

When attempting to install the JetCam and torch2trt Python packages I received a message that they already existed so I deleted both of them and proceeded to reinstall them both following the Jetracer installation instructions. I also received numerous warnings that the files in the “jetson” directory were not readable or writeable due to a lack of permissions.

The Jetracer package installed without issue except for the warning that the installation program could not read or write to the files in the “jetson” directory.

After completing the software installation I proceeded to use the jetracer notebook to run the first example “basic_motion.ipynb” which ran without an issue. I then began example “interactive_regression.ipynb” and was able to view the camera video output, but did not continue beyond that point for the time being.

I guess the “** but not yet fully verified **” warning for the latest jetracer image release for the Nano 4GB should be taken seriously as I have documented above.




Thank you for sharing the detail report.
I got to confirm that there is the issue about the USB Device Mode (, and it seems there are multiple issues with the jetcard SD card image as you pointed out.

It looks like you are working on your own vehicle, but while we are looking into fixing the issues and re-building the image, you may be able to see if you can use the pre-build image for Waveshare JetRacer Pro that is based on JetPack 4.5.


Thanks for the update, much appreciated. Always glad to give back to the NVIDIA Developer Community.

Do you have an expected ETA for an updated Jetracer image?



Here is a link to issue #99 on the Jetracer Github that may help with the latest jetracer release installation issues documented above.


Observation with the latest Jetracer release for the Nano B01:

If you successfully get the latest Jetracer release installed per the guidance in issue # 99, linked in the post above, you will find that you cannot save any of the Jetracer Notebooks as permission is denied.

Here is a workaround for the installation of the latest Jetracer release that has worked for me:

  1. Burn JP 4.5.1 onto a micro SD card and complete the setup using the Ubuntu Desktop.
  2. From a SSH terminal run sudo apt-get update -y followed by sudo apt-get upgrade -y and then a reboot.
  3. From a SSH terminal clone and install Jetcard using Option2 Step 2.
  4. From a SSH terminal clone and install Jetcam and Jetracer (don’t use sudo with clone) per Step 5 in the Jetracer installation guide, but don’t clone and install torch2trt as the Jetcard installation has already installed it.
  5. You may get a message that Jupyter needs to build/install additional software when you first run the “basic_motion” notebook, however the install will fail as permission is denied. So note the build command and use a SSH terminal prefacing the command with “sudo” to get the build to complete.

Following the above steps I found that I could now save the notebooks without a denial of permission.



We have addressed the issues you pointed out and packaged a new image, partly taking your suggested solutions.


Thanks for the update, much appreciated by all users of Jetracer!