JESTON NANO 2GB,can't make video via CSI camera

i can take a photo via CSI camera.
But when i make a video,input 1 after $ nvgstcapture-1.0, it fails.
i’m not sure if the DIY screen(cant set resolution ratio.Default is 1024*600) or camera is the main problem.
Can some help to answer?

Could you have much detail for the error. Like the error message from the nvgstcapture. Also post the error text instead of picture.

Sorry for making you confused.

I input command

to take a picture succefully by CSI camera (IMX camera).

But when I want to capture a video and input command
there is not respond.
Could you help to check the reason? Thanks!

I noticed “Encoder null” after inputing “nvgstcapture-1.0”, is that the reason?

Start with blow command for video recording.

nvgstcapture-1.0 -v 0 -m 2

I omited the space in your command, after trying several times, it worked finally.
video was captured successfully.
This command is totally different from user guide, it seems user guide need to be updated…
Anyway, thank you so much.

Thanks for tell this. May I know which doc for this.


You can find it in below link.

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