Jetpack 2.1 for Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

Hello everyone!

My Host is ubuntu 14.04 64-bit,and I flash OS(verion 23.2.0) to tx1 with Jetpack 2.1, I want to use ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, so I did not choose the latest Jetpack 2.3, becase the ubuntu is 16.04 with it. But after flashed the OS to tx1, I found the OS is ubuntu 14.04 32-bit, what should I do to flash 64-bit OS ? Thanks

Hi zyw766,

You could flash the R24.1 64bit OS to your TX1 by JetPack 2.2.1, it’s ubuntu 14.04 64-bit


Hi kayccc,

Follow your advice, I have flashed the R24.1 64bit OS to my TX1 by JetPack 2.2.1, but I am puzzled, since the CPU and GPU both support 64bit, if the 32bit OS will influence the tx1’s performance ?

Thanks very much

If you flashed the 64-bit R24.1 you won’t need to worry about it. For the sake of argument though, the ARM CPU in 32-bit compatibility does not perform as well as 64-bit.