JetPack 4.3 Installation Error

I keep getting installation errors for " VisionWorks on Host" when trying to install JetPack4.3 for JetsonTX2. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 . Has anyone faced similar issue? If so what is the solution?


Could you click the Terminal tab on the top?
There will be the error log, and it will be help to root cause.

But this error will not affect the installation to TX2.
As the error happen on your host(X86 PC), but your target components looks fine(target is your TX2).

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@juns Here’s the terminal picture showing errors in details. So does that man I should go ahead and flash my TX2 even though I keep getting these errors? And is there a fix to this error?


Yes, you can continue flash without worry.

If you want to solve the issue, maybe you need to check ~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads/libvisionworks-repo_1.6.0.500n_amd64.deb, I think it should be there.
And you can use sudo dpkg -i <pkgname> try to install it, you may find some more information about what happened in detail.