install vision works @ tx2


I just installed TX2 system via JetPack 3.0 with full options. Now I’m trying to locate VisionWorks toolkit on TX2 target which seems to be not present and its componets (structure from motion, stereo etc…) as well?
How do I install VisionWorks on TX2 target?

Thank you.

I don’t know specifically about VisionWorks, but almost all of the software you’re interested in can be installed via JetPack (currently at version 3.0). JetPack can flash a Jetson, but you can also just install packages without flashing (eventually you’ll probably want to flash since the updated version of the o/s is much more reliable than the default). JetPack is intended to run on a desktop x86_64 PC host. Flashing requires the micro-B USB cable, while package install requires the wired ethernet (WiFi won’t work). If JetPack is to install host side packages then Ubuntu 14.04 is required…though some people have success with Ubuntu 16.04 hosts. VMs can add additional issues, a native Ubuntu 14.04 is suggested through JetPack 3.0. See:

Typically the download pages require a separate login/registration even though you already have a forums login.

Have you looked in the following folders to verify that the files aren’t present?

Package Name      : libvisionworks
Installed location: /usr/lib
Description       : Main package with pre-built shared libraries.
Package Name      : libvisionworks-dev
Installed location: /usr/include
Description       : Development package with headers, supplementary CMake and
                    package config files.
Package Name      : libvisionworks-samples
Installed location: /usr/share/visionworks/sources
Description       : Source code for samples, demos, and NVXIO.
Package Name      : libvisionworks-docs
Installed location: /usr/share/visionworks/docs
Description       : Documentation package for this release of VisionWorks.


VisionWorks libraries are located at ‘/usr/lib’ and sample can be found under ‘/usr/share/visionworks/sources’.
If you can’t find VisionWorks files in the above folder, please re-flash your device and check it again.