VisionWorks Supported Applications/Samples

I have Jetson Tx2 developer kit and I have installed Jetpack 3.3. I want to do object/vehicle/pedestrian detection on TX2 using VisionWorks. As per :


VisionWorks supports Pedestrian and vehicle detection but I am not able to find the example code for the same.

How or where I can find these sample application??


You can find the VisionWorks sample and document in the following folder:

Package Name      : libvisionworks
Installed location: /usr/lib
Description       : Main package with pre-built shared libraries.
Package Name      : libvisionworks-dev
Installed location: /usr/include
Description       : Development package with headers, supplementary CMake and
                    package config files.
Package Name      : libvisionworks-samples
Installed location: /usr/share/visionworks/sources
Description       : Source code for samples, demos, and NVXIO.
Package Name      : libvisionworks-docs
Installed location: /usr/share/visionworks/docs
Description       : Documentation package for this release of VisionWorks.