Visionworks on Desktop?

Hi, I know that Visionworks is primarily for embedded systems, but for the following scenario, I wonder if it is a good idea: I’m capturing video on a Tx2 and process it on the Tx2 with Visionworks, and the videos streams are sent to a host Linux server for further processing with Visionworks.
The purpose of separating computer vision task into the embedded part and the server part is to leverage (but not exhaust) the computational power of the Tx2.

And here’s a following up question: how to install Visionworks on a host Linux server? I’m not sure how to extract proper files from the Jetpack package…is there a straightforward way to do so for a Linux PC?

Hi bob2001,

Please use the JetPack 3.3 to install Visionworks on your host PC, you can find it through