VisionWorks Inquiry

Good Day,
In addition to doing embedded development, I have additional needs for desktop dev utilizing Nvidia’s other GPU offerings. I wanted to inquire as to whether or not VisionWorks can be installed on a traditional desktop environment using Maxwell/Pascal GPUs? I note on Slide #5 found here :

that this can run on maxwell/kepler GPUs in addition to Tegra K1/X1/X2. However, I see no additional information on this found here :

Is this only offered under a jetpack install? Is there an alternative offering? A planned release if not? Can I somehow roll my own? with custom cuda code or attempting to port this? Really confused as to what’s the nature of this offering especially as I read people have been running this years ago on Gefroce GTX 680s.


VisionWorks supports desktop GPU.
Please install it via JetPack directly:


VisionWorks Pack[/b]


This is super cool and just what I was looking for. I was unaware that the jetpack install also allowed for desktop target. I cant wait to dig into it :-D