JetPack 4.6.4/L4T 32.7.4 occupies more space than its predecessors

After upgrading JetPack from 4.6.2 to 4.6.4, the eMMC only has 15G space left, less then its previous versions. This is a problem for the16G versions (such as TX2 NX) because the new L4T almost takes the entire space of the eMMC.


I think 16GB should be enough for L4T alone, but if you need other JetPack components, then consider mounting rootfs on some external storage devices.

Do you mean mounting an external drive as root folder?

Yes, and I remember that you just asked about this question:

Have you managed to get it done?

No. It doesn’t work. I am going to try again.

You may also try with rsync per this project:

It can be made with only a few command lines?

I think it is need to replace “nvme0n1p1” with “sda1” because I am going to use a sata drive.

Yes, you should mount /dev/sda1 to wherever you want, and copy the partition.

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