JetPack 5.0 DP: NvRmMemInitNvmap failed with Permission denied

I am trying to run the gitlab runner on a Xavier with the JetPack 5.0 DP. When running a job it fails with:

Preparing environment 00:02
NvRmMemInitNvmap failed with Permission denied
546: Memory Manager Not supported
****NvRmMemInit failed**** error type: 196626
*** NvRmMemInit failed NvRmMemConstructor

The same setup works on the Xavier with 4.7.

The closest matching post I could find does not really answer anything.

Please share more information about gitlab runner. We don’t have experience about running it and not sure what it is.

Gitlab runner executes gitlab CI jobs.
I am not sure if the error is specific to the gitlab runner, seems like its trying to access something which doesn’t work under 5.0. Do you have any idea what NvRmMemInitNvmapis?
I wonder if it has to do with the program not having the correct user access rights for something - but like I said, on 4.7 we don’t see any issues with the exact same setup.

Doe it work with sudo? 5.0.1 DP is developer preview and it may not work properly in certain cases. Generally we may see this error in using hardware encoder or decoder. Have not seen it in running a only-using-CPU application.

I figured out that adding the user gitlab-runner to the video group solves that particular issue.
So the solution is:

sudo usermod -a -G video gitlab-runner
sudo gitlab-runner restart

But I have no idea why that would be, the Xavier is not connected to a monitor and only accessed via ssh.

Something I see is the following message:
" 'DISPLAY' environment variable not set... skipping surface info"
Any idea where this is coming from?

In case anyone else wants to run the gitlab runner on the Jetson on 20.04 and stumbles upon this I encountered another issue which was solved by this.

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