Jetson AGX Xavier boot from Micro SD

I know that this is not a new topic at all but, since I’m running out of memory, I need to know how can I boot my Jetson from the SD Card. I followed a few steps that I saw in some posts. This is one of them:

  1. Manually copy AGX system to a SD card. (refered to )
    $ sudo cp -ax / ‘/media/ubuntu/SD Root’
  2. Set AGX to recovery mode.
  3. Run the flash script on host.
    $ sudo ./ jetson-xavier mmcblk1p1
  4. reboot from the SD card.

But sudo ./ jetson-xavier mmcblk1p1 it just doesn’t work for me. I supposed this was because the topic where I took this steps is from the 2018 when SDK manager had not yet come out (correct me if I’m wrong).
So as far I know I have to format the Micro SD and copy the AGX system in the Micro SD but the next steps I’m not sure at all if are all correct or there are other ways that I can follow to reach my objective. Following the JetsonHacks video, when I reboot the AGX I just keep staying at the same point as I started, with just 300mb of free disk, when I have a 128GB Micro SD card ready to be fulled of material from my projects.
Please can anyone help me with this? I just need to know what I’m not seeing or what I’m skipping.

Hello @antonpombo

Can you try this flashing script:
sudo ./ jetson-xavier internal

Thanks to @hijikata_M to solved the same issue. You can find all steps from here:


Oooh nice, I going to try right now

Well, it seems that I don’t have the Linux_for_Tegra directory. I looked for it during a while and couldn’t find it. I supposed that if I don’t have this directory I can’t access to rootfs.

Am I correct?

If you don’t have this directory, you can’t find file.

Do you have file?

I doubt it, yesterday I looked for it since I saw that in some topic it was mentioned and I didn’t find it. Neither in the host or in my Jetson AGX

At that time, yes. You need this folder. You can find the archive from here:
L4T | NVIDIA Developer

Alternatively, if your rootfs is in AGX Xavier’s EMMC, you can move it with following this blog post:
Changing Storage of the Root File System. [EMMC to SDMMC] |

Oh I see, finally the damn archive. I’ll investigate.
I’ll tell you what i find out.

Right now i’m a little bit stuck since I can’t unzip Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_R32.5.0_aarch64.tbz2 because I have no space left on device. I hope I can continue without this step.

I’ll re-flash my Jetson, since I can’t free enough space.