Jetson AGX Xavier disconnects from Internet after some period

I have Jetson AGX Xavier with Jetpack 4.4.1. I have problems with network connection. Jetson disconnets from network after some period of working. No command for reconnecting works. ip a show eth0 and ifconfig shows eth0 as UP. When I try to ifup eth0 I get: Unknows interface.
After restart od Jetson connection works for some time, and than crashes again. I checked with my network admin and there are no setups in out network that should be reason for this. He also checked my IP settings and everything is ok.
What can be the reason?

Hi @mariannap

Is it a fresh installation of Jetpack 4,4,1? If that’s the case, have you check that the ethernet adapter disconnects after the error spots? You can scan by using:

  1. lshw -class network
  2. dmesg -> this will spot any error at driver level

Another possibility is that the network adapter is defective. You can discard it by trying another network or using an USB adapter.