Jetson AGX xavier jetpack 5.0.1 UEFI PXE

I use jetpack 5.0.1 to Jetson AGX xavier.
Modify UEFI boot sequence

I want to update system through PXE.

Does UEFI support PXE function?

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks


Currently, we only support the boot method listed on the developer guide.

@WayneWWW @kayccc Hello, I’m also interested in this topic. Can you confirm that in jetpack 5.0.1 PXE or HTTP boot are not yet supported?

Looking at the developer guide, it indeed has only mentioned that TFTP boot with static IP or DHCP is supported. So if we want to use network boot on jetson Xavier, which boot option should we select(Before jetpack 5, we could configure the cboot device tree for it, but now it doesn’t seem like an option)?

I think that might be old jp4 related information. We may remove it from document.

Please check the UEFI only document. Currently, I think TFTP boot is not yet supported.

@WayneWWW Ok thanks! What about PXE or HTTP boot? Are they not supported either?

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