Jetson AGX Xavier temperature monitoring

I’m currently developping an application where I need to monitor the temperatures on a Jetson AGX Xavier dev. kit,
so I tried to use the “sensors” command, this it the output of this command :

tpsh@tpsh-agx-1:~$ sensors
Adapter: Virtual device
temp1:        +46.4°C  

Adapter: Virtual device
temp1:        +56.0°C

As you can see, I only get these 2 results.
I read on the documentation that “Fan speed is controlled by the thermal-fan-est sensor, which reports the weighted average of the CPU, GPU, and AUX sensors at a 3:3:4 ratio” but I’d like to get the CPU/GPU temperatures directly, is there a way to do that ?
I want to mention that I didnt probe the I2C/SMBus adapters with the “sensors-dectect” command because it apparently can cause issues on some systems.
I also found this post : xavier fan question , and I’d like to get the same kind of output, can you help me?


hello Lebasith,

you may enable tegrastats utility to reports memory usage and processor usage for Jetson-based devices.
there’s also another utility, JTop for system monitoring.

Thank you so much, that helps a lot !

What is the accuracy and precision of these temperature measurements?

hello keithdm,

it’s reported from the internal thermal sensors.

I’m asking specifically for the accuracy of the sensor used to report the temperatures from tegrastats and jtop.

Basically, if it reports 20C what is the accuracy of that measurement (is it +/-2 degrees Celcius)?

hello keithdm,

if you’d checking the release sources of JTop, you’ll found it also start the tegrastats process to parse all the variables.
tegrastats query thermal sensor of each thermal zones, it shows temperature in degrees Celsius.