jetson_easy - The easy installer for your NVIDIA Jeston

Hi all!

How many time you have installed your NVIDIA Jetson and for each time you have executed the same operation written in a paper?
I have the solution! :-)

In these days I’m writing an easy toolkit to install in one shot and it adds a command, a service to control the performance of the board and new environment variables.

When the jetson_easy is installed you have a new command in your shell when is show the type of the realease installed:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ jetson_release 
Jetpack 3.1 [L4T 28.1]
CUDA 8.0.84

You can control the performance of your NVIDIA Jetson with a service, you can start and stop with:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo service jetson_performance start
nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo service jetson_performance stop

Finally you can load the information about the status in your script calling the environments variables in /usr/jetson_easy/jetson_variables :

  • JETSON_BOARD - The version of your NVIDIA Jetson [TK1, TX1, TX2]
  • JETSON_DESCRIPTION - Verbose description of your NVIDIA Jetson board
  • JETSON_L4T = (JETSON_L4T_RELEASE.JETSON_L4T_REVISION) - It's the version of Linux For Tegra (L4T) installed
  • JETSON_JETPACK - Verbose description of the NVIDIA Jetpack installed
  • JETSON_CUDA - Cuda version
  • The repository is:

    To launch the installer, like a magic :-) you write this commands in your shell:

    $ git clone
    $ cd jetson_easy
    $ ./

    When the script launch you can select which feature you want enable. The default configuration is:

  • Update & Distribution upgrade & Upgrade
  • Install Jetson release and performance service
  • Set hostname
  • Install ROS
  • Set default configuration of git
  • TODO - Enable kernel features ex: FTDI, ACM, ...
  • I hope my work can be usefull for the community. In the next days I’ll updating the readme and the wiki:

    Really useful tool. I can’t wait for it to be completed

    Great! Thanks for sharing.