Jetson JTAG Debugger Q's

I know JTAG debuggers have been mentioned before. I’m personally looking for a JTAG debugger purchasable in the USA (or directly USA dollars, no paypal or currency conversion) at a lower end cost. I see some great stuff for above several hundred dollars, and if not for costs of dealing with European conversions, also for not much more than $100 dollars. I would like if nVidia would comment on what JTAG debuggers it is using?

For someone who has some experience with JTAG, I’m wondering if the same 20 pin JTAG debugger that works for quad core Jetson/Tegra K1/ARM Cortex A15 would also work with quad core Tegra 3/ARM Cortex A9 as a debugger and for flashing eMMC?

Inquiring minds want to know!