Jetson Kit Support CAN and Flexray


I would like to know, Can the nVidia Jetson KIT support for CAN and Flexray communications?

Hi Kishored,

CAN is supported in Jetson TX2. And it does not have Flexray controller as part of SoC.
However Jetson TX2 has 2 CAN controllers and by interfacing external transceivers to the CAN controllers you can form CAN node and communication can be taken place.

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Looking at the below page I thought CAN/flexray both are available in the form of extension cards

What is lead time for Jetson Kit to Bangalore, India


Hi Kishored,

Jetson TK1 does not support directly CAN communication. If you see the post which you have referred, CAN is interfaced using SPI.
Basically they are using MCP25625: which is CAN controller and transceiver together. So it is an external CAN stuff altogether.

Regarding the lead time for Jetson Kit,
I can not tell you exactly on this.
I hope someone may reply from concerned department.


Hi Kishored,

We have a vendor in India, the lead time should not be too long.
Please find the information from below: