Jetson nano 2023

after I verified that the last major version of jetson nano will be 4.6.x I had some doubts, did you guys continue to send updates only for security?

did you continue to manufacture the jetson nano or will you stop your manufacture?

Yes, that’s the plan.

See the Lifecycle page on the Jetson Developer Zone.

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FYI, for standard support for Ubuntu is:
“… The ‘main’ archive of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years until April 2023.”

yes but it will only do security updates

Yes exactly, support technically drops after April next year and then paid service after. So outside support for Nvidia only software there will not be any backports from official sources after then.

So there is some things we as users/developers can do to support offline on these devices. Armbian and such support newer versions of things and I personally rolled my own Ubuntu for it and upgraded what I could. There are limits and it will not last forever.

the Growing technological obsolescence

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