Jetson Nano 2GB sound via HDMI


I have a HDMI display (here is the link)
I have connected these speakers and am using simpleaudio to play an audiofile.

Now the first time the sound should be played it is either very quiet or I can´t hear the sound. The second time works most of the time.
If you wait a few seconds until you play the next sound it will be again very quite. Audio works normal if I play a youtube video so I assume it has something to do with simpleaudio.
But if I use simpleaudio on a linux or windows computer I don´t get this error.

Does somebody have an idea what the problem might be?
Thank you in advance.


Will you hit such problem if you directly use some common hdmi monitor? I mean not such small screen one.

I just tried it with my TV and the same problem occurred.

Do we must use simpleaudio to see this issue or even other applications that can play audio?

I can use another application. Simpleaudio was just the first I saw and it worked on my desktop systems.
Do you have any recommendations for another application?

Not sure if it’s compatible issue at Simpleaudio, please find other application and try again.

I just tried multiple applications like pydub, playsound and tkSnack.
I get the same behaviour with every module.