Jetson Nano 4GB Over-temp and SD Card Issue?

I’ve got a Jetson Nano 4GB (Baseboard by Waveshare). There are several issues that I’ve encountered:

  1. The first problem I had was about the SD card. I’ve mounted several SD cards but jetson did not read any of them and did not show them in the disks application. I will just buy an SSD and won’t deal with it but still did anyone encounter the same issue? If so, I would like to hear the solution.

  2. The second issue I had was the operating temperature. First of all, I haven’t mounted a cooler fan yet and I am using a 27” 144 Hz monitor at 1920x1080 resolution. Even though I am not doing anything with the jetson, it just heats up to very high temps (I haven’t measured but it’s very hot to hold with hands.). It just seems awkward to me to heat up like that while doing anything at all. So do you think this should happen considering the video output to my monitor? Is it normal?

I think the first question is a common mistake that you are using wrong Jetson kind of module.

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