Jetson nano will not work out of the box

I am using a SD card with the corresponding img provided by Nvidia, and a 5v 2a power supply. (I tested the power supply by plugging it to my raspberry pi 3b+ which is also rated to 5v 2a)
I already tested with another SD card but i got the same result.

The board gets really hot, and it beggings to make a noticeable but dim hiss sound.

Can i somehow troubleshoot the board or it is a manufacturer’s error?

Heat is not something I would associate with normal operation of a Nano. Perhaps something such as a reversed polarity would cause this (though there is a polarity protection diode on the barrel connector if this is used for power), but barring a wiring issue I’d say this is a hardware error.

Please try to use sdkmanager to flash your board. We cannot tell if thermal issue is related.