Jetson Nano 4GB turns off automatically with MAXN + camera

When it works I do the following:

  1. In power mode I select 5W, turn off the jetson nano.
  2. I disconnect the jumper.
  3. I connect the microusb.
  4. I run the jetson inference for object recognition with my USB camera (/dv/video0), it works.

When it doesn’t work I do the following:

  1. I connect the jumper.
  2. I connect the Jetson Nano via the barrel connector, 5v 4A.
  3. I turn on the jetson nano and in power mode select MAXN.
  4. I run the object recognition jetson inference, nothing happens, the camera doesn’t turn on and I get this error: gstreamer changed state from READY to PAUSED ==> mysink If I restart the Jetson Nano after making the change from 5W to MAXN, this error does not appear. If I plug and unplug the camera, run it again, I don’t get the error either.
  5. The camera turns on and the Jetson Nano turns off.

Note: when I talk about the jumper I mean this:

If I select 5W, reboot and run jetson inference the Jetson Nano does not turn off, even though I have the barrel plug (5v, 4A) and the jumper connected.
In short: the error happens when I indicate MAXN.

hello usuario1918,

let’s gathering the logs before crashing to trace the errors.
for example, could you please setup a serial console, or, you may login to the target remotely and running $ dmesg --follow to catch kernel logs.
please share the logs as single text file for reference,

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