Jetson Nano and Assembly?

I’m about to start a project for school where we need to do everything from scratch, means we aren’t allowed to use Linux as an operating system but instead we must program it. Now since I have some experience in programming Arm controllers I asked me if it is possible to program a pretty basic OS, which uses also the graphics card, for the CPU on the Jetson Nano or if it is somehow locked down. And if it is possible is there enough documentation to do so?
Regards Moritz

Hi mogeier001,

I will suggest to join the JetBot project, please find information from below:


Thanks for your reply,
JetBot sounds interesting, but how i said, my school dosn’t allow me to use any precoded libarys or OS so I would need a possibility to programm the CPU of the Nano on the lowest level (Assembly and/or C/C++) without a preinstallt OS. Is there any iptio to do such a thing?

Hello seanc4s,
thanks for your reply. Fyi I’m currently working on a project were I’m using a 32-bit µC (stm32f411vet6), which I’m also programming in assembly and so I thought it should be possible to do the same with the cortex cores on the Jetson, but if I’m wrong please tell me what I’m missing.