Jetson Nano board is not booting up (First boot) properly and ends up with an installer crashed screen

I have followed all the steps of first booting of jetson nano.But one day when i tried changing the time and date it got stuck. And therefore, I deleted all the flahed images from the SD Card. However, I formatted the SD Card and reinstalled everything. But now it shows me the below error attached in the screenshot. Please help with the above matter as I have to submit the assignment.

Beware that a Nano uses the SD card for only the rootfs, but also has QSPI memory for boot content. Should the content of one be from an incompatible version, then the mismatch would likely result in some sort of boot failure. The first advice you’ll get is to flash the Nano itself with the same software release as that which creates the SD card rootfs. L4T (“Linux for Tegra”) is what actually gets flashed (it’s Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers), and JetPack/SDK Manager is the GUI front end to flashing software. You’ll want to flash the Nano to a known release using JetPack/SDKM. See either of these (the two have their releases tied together):

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