Jetson Nano Carrier Board does not work with Orin

I have designed Jetson Nano carrier board (based on p3449 board). My Xavier NX modules, Nano modules can work with my carrier board. However, Orin Nano 8GB module does not work on my carrier board. As i checked these boards there are no big differences to working well. Why can’t I run it? Have you ever encountered this problem before?

Hi, can you share the power on sequence diagram? You can find the example sequence in Design Guide.

Hi @Trumany .

This is my power sequence circuit. It works correctly with my NX module. Do i need to care of anything on Orin nano?

I mean the power on sequence waveform measured by scope.

Ok i need some time to solder. After that i will share it.

This my power sequence waveform. Reset started after ~80ms.
shutdown request and pwr_en pin started at the same time.

Hi @Trumany ,
I checked my board. There is a no big difference. I also made power sequence with external mcu based on Orin document. Start shutdown req, after 400ms power en, after 80ms reset. But there was nothing change. What other problem could there be related to this?

Can you provide your full power on sequence as below? It should contain VDD_IN, SHUTDOWN_REQ*, POWER_EN, SYS_RESET* and Carrier power rails.

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