Jetson Nano communicate with Industrial PLC using TCP/IP Protocol

Hello developers, hobbyists, and supporters of this forum…
I’m trying to implement an automation and control task for controlling an industrial valve using Jetson nano. I’m kinda curious to know whether the NVIDIA Jetson Nano board is capable of sending/receiving messages from Industrial PLC via Jetson Nano’s onboard gigabit ethernet port?
If so, How I can implement it??

Python has a package named “pymodbus”, to communicate over ethernet port using Modbus protocol for sending/receiving instructions Modbus enabled interfaces. Whether the Gigabit ethernet on NVIDIA Jetson Nano works with this (or) any python based TCP/IP industrial protocol libraries, to make it communicate with Industrial PLC??

Thanks all of you

I have no knowledge of the specific device you are looking at, but Nano has all of the same networking ability which a full sized Linux PC has. I see no reason why TCP/IP would in any way not be available. The real trick is usually if the program you are using is proprietary and there is no arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a software available. If you know what has to be sent, i.e., you know some protocol and have the ability to program that, then the Nano should have no issue with this (in the same way which a desktop Linux PC would have no issue with the x86/x86_64 version).

You’ll just need to check if the libraries you are interested in have the arm64/aarch64 version available, and if not, if you can compile them for this architecture. If this is not possible, then you would need to implement your own libraries.