Jetson Nano crashed when connecting to a raspberry pi via UART

I am running into an issue with the UART on the jetson nano. I am attempting to connect it to a raspberry pi 2 model B through a navio+ shield. when I connect it, whether or not I am actually trying to communicate over the UARt, the jetson begins to glitch out and eventually shuts off. As far as I can tell, everything is connected correctly and at the same voltage level.

How can I fix this?

Hi legionofawesome

Which DC barrel jack power supply adapter are you using? Is it one from this thread?

If the voltage the adapter supplies dips below 4.75V under load, then the Nano can brownout and shutdown.

I am using this power supply:

Under further investigation, it will crash even if I am not actually trying to communicate with the other device.

Please try 5V/4A power supply as request.