Jetson nano cannot Serial communication with Arduino when when they use the same power source

Hi everyone. I am working on a project about mini self-driving cars. The Jetson Nano receives data from the camera and sends control commands via the USB Serial Port to the Arduino to control the motor.

However, when I connect the Arduino to the car’s battery, connect the jetson nano to the external power adapter, the Arduino receives the USB Serial Port via /dev/ttyusb0 and everything works perfectly. But when I connect the Jetson Nano to the same power as the Arduino in the car, the Jetson Nano doesn’t accept the connection to that USB port anymore. I tried plugging in the USB to other ports but it still doesn’t work. Is the problem with the power supply? I use a 12V to 5V 5A converter circuit to power both the Jetson Nano and the Arduino. Thanks, everyone.

I get it. Problem solved when I separate Jetson Nano and Arduino power. Using the same power source makes it impossible for the Arduino to connect to the Jetson over Serial. I have taken power from L298N for Arduino and it worked fine.

Glad to know issue resolved.