Conflicto arranque jetson nano con usb conectados a arduino y alimentados

Hello, first of all I have that my knowledge in electronics is very limited, I apologize.
I am using a jetson nano on a remote computer to program via remote desktop code on some arduinos (usb-nano) via wifi. The arduinos are on a platform-pcb that has its own power supply and this pcb is the one that powers and turns on the jetson nano when I remotely request it.
That is my intention, but I am running into a problem, if the arduinos connected by usb to the nano are powered by the pcb, the nano does not turn on when asked. There is enough voltage / amperage, it also does not work with the nano 5V / 4Amp’s own external power supply.
I hope I have explained myself well and thank you for the help that you can provide.

Hi, can you share a connection diagram for better understanding of your system?

Hola , ya está resuelto el problema, simplemente cortando el cable de alimentación del cable usb, por si algún novato como yo le pasa lo mismo.
Gracias por el ofrecimiento y encantado de conocerle.

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