Jetson Nano does not power on when independently powered Arduino is connected via USB

I have a Jetson Nano rev B01. I am running into a lot of issues where the Nano will frequently not power on with some peripherals attached, but would work fine if they were connected later. Specifically, the board would either not turn on (no green power LED/DS3), or would reboot before loading the OS shortly after displaying several “soctherm: OC ALARM 0x01”.

I am powering it via the barrel jack from a 5v line off a PC power supply. I have the power select header J48 jumpered. It is connected to a monitor via HDMI, a camera via CSI, an Arduino Mega clone (ATMega 2560) via USB, the onboard ethernet port, and USB keyboard + mouse.

I seem to have isolated the issue to when the ATMega 2560 is connected AND powered independently. I have the mega powered via the 12V barrel connector on that board because it needs to be able to run independently of the Nano, and it is connected to a lot so I don’t want to draw too much from an attached PC over USB. When I remove its separate power supply, the Nano seems to reliably power on.

Is it possible that the board is somehow parasitically powering the Nano? This might explain why I had seen popup messages on the desktop about throttling, despite the power supply for the Nano being able to deliver >4 amps. If so, is there any solution? I would have assumed that shorting J48 would make the board use the barrel connector as the only power source.

It looks like ATMega2560 draw too much current during power on and cause OC (over current) alarm. Maybe you need to consider how to reduce power consumption of ATMega2560 during power on or supply it separately.

I am experiencing the opposite problem though - when the ATMega2560 is on a separate (12V) power supply and connected to via USB, the Nano does not power on reliably. When I do not provide separate power to the Mega, and it is powered from the Nano’s USB port, the Nano powers on.

Got it, that might mean the ATMega2560 can affect nano thru USB during power on. Not sure how that happen, maybe you can check how to disable it during power on?

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