Jetson Nano Crashes Every Time Wifi Connection Attempted

My nvidia jetson nano crashes every time I try to connect to wifi with an Intel AX200 wifi card with the drivers installed. Have tried reinstalling OS but it has not helped. Not sure if this is related or not, but when the device restarts and is connected to an external monitor, the screen flickers on and off until I unplug and plug the HDMI cable back in.

I can’t do much to help with WiFi issues, but definitely you will want to post a serial console log. Serial console is nice because it has so few requirements that you can log even when parts of the system are failing. The logging application runs on your PC as well, so any output you see on that console is guaranteed captured even if the Jetson is not in a state to create log files. For serial console see:

Basically, you’d be running a serial console program on the host PC, e.g., minicom or gtkterm. Tell it to start logging via “dmesg --follow”. Start logging before the Nano is even turned on, and then turn on the Nano. You’d be recording the entire boot sequence’s log messages. Then, when things are up, but the failure is not yet triggered, run “dmesg --follow” in the serial console. Following this trigger the crash. You should get some useful information in a nice log file from your PC which you can attach to the forum thread.