Jetson Nano restarts after connecting to externla wifi or hotspot

Hello all,

I am getting weird issues in WiFi connection.
When ever I connect my Jetson Nano with external wifi connection or with hotspot, it crashes (restarts). Anyone has faced this issue or have any solution?
I am using Linux kernal version 4.9.253-tegra (JetPack4.6), and issue is same for previous versions as well.


Welcome to the Nvidia Developer forums, This topic should live in the Jetson Nano category for proper support. I will move it over for you now.

I’m closing this topic due to there is no update from you for a period, assuming this issue was resolved.
If still need the support, please open a new topic. Thanks

We didn’t experiecne this issue, is it devkit?
Which Wifi module you used?
Any log can be provided?