Jetson Nano devkit heatsink part number and vendor information

Hi! Sir

Do we have Jetson Nano Developer Kit heat sink part number (HEAT SINK with BRACKET ) and vendor information for customer reference?

Hi abraham85,

Please find the heatsink and bracket info from CAD models as referece.

The heatsink can be found in P3450_P3449_A02_P3448_A02_3D_CAD_STEP_model file.
The bracket can be found in P3448_Module.stp


Hi all, update to this topic: you can procure the heatsink from Auvidea -

Hi! Dusty

Thanks a lot!

We want to purchase mass order for Heat sink P/N: LTD 110-0111-000,and leaf spring and screws P/N: 155-0713-000 and 155-0717-000 to mount the heatsink on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano.
Do you have another vendor in Taiwan and China?
We only saw Auvidea website shop for small order in EU.
Thank you for advice.

Did you ever find a production supplier @corrine_lin?