Original Heatsink

which heatsink model is originally used in the Jetson Nano developer kit?
Cheers, Royden

Hi rwagnern63fr, please refer to this post for more info about the heatsink:


unfortunately I don’t have access to a CAD-programm at the moment, can you provide a link or a specific serialnumber?

Hi rwagnern63fr, the original vendor of the heatsink isn’t able to handle small orders, so it is recommended to find a suitable replacement from the CAD design. How many units were you looking to procure?

Hi all, update to this topic: you can procure the heatsink from Auvidea - https://auvidea.eu/product/heatsink-for-nvidia-jetson-nano/

Also: Heat sinks are not magic.

As long as you have the right thermal contact interface (typically, a flat spot of some minimum size) and enough thickness to carry the heat gradient and enough fin surface area to radiate into the air, you’ll be fine.